Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart

Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart

This week’s Tuesdays with Dorie assignment was to make a Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart. This recipe was fast to come together and it ended up tasting great, too!

The first step in making this tart was making a galette dough. This dough only requires a few ingredients and comes together easily, especially if you use a food processor. The dough gets rolled out into a rectangular shape and chilled in the refrigerator while the filling gets made.


While the galette crust dough chilled, I prepared the filling. I wasn’t completely sure what kind of pears to use for this recipe, but I went with D’Anjou pears since they are a firmer pear; they tend to keep their shape (not turn to mush) after baking, too.

D’Anjou Pears

The Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart filling needed pears and cranberries, of course, but the surprise ingredients to me were the fresh ginger and jam/marmalade. The ginger ended up giving the tart a nice zingy smell and flavor.P1120975

Chopping the pears into little cubes may have been the most time-consuming part of this entire process. I think that should say a lot about how easy it is to make this tart.

The filling ingredients get mixed together, they rest for a bit.P1120977

After the dough was done chilling and the filling was done resting, it was time to put it all together!

Not that I made one before, but rolling this felt like I was making a very large dessert burrito. I was surprised that my dough didn’t rip or crack during this process. It got a little tricky keeping the fruits from rolling out, though. It’s always nice having an extra pair of hands to help keep things together!
Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart

I tried wrapping the fruits as tightly as I could, and that created a bumpy-looking roll-up tart. At this point, all I saw was a huge burrito. Seriously. It looked less burrito-like after I gave it a generous turbinado sugar coating.
Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart

The burrito Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart baked for a little more than 40 minutes, and turned out beautifully. I watched the tart bake in the oven. I saw some of the juices ooze out of the bottom of the tart instead of through the vent holes. It made a delightfully gooey coating on the bottom of a corner of the tart.Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart

The cranberries and jam dyed the pears a red/pink hue.

Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart
Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart

This Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart went well with the Pumpkin Ice Cream I made earlier, too. They both had a nice spice-y taste to them; both included ginger. This made the perfect autumn dessert.

Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart
Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart with Pumpkin Ice Cream

Pear Cranberry Roll-Up Tart recipe on page 132 of Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan.

7 thoughts on “Pear-Cranberry Roll-Up Tart

  1. Wow! Yours looks great and I can’t believe you had no problem rolling up the dough! Mine was sticking and tearing all over the place.

  2. Try to think about it, the roll-up tart does look like a burrito. Love your write-up on all the steps. Pumpkin ice cream goes great with the tart spiced with ginger.

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