Summer Market Galette

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It’s definitely summer! The heat has been in full force, and the summer fruits have made their presence in farmer’s markets and grocery stores! I actually baked this Summer Market Galette more than a month ago as part of a Tuesdays with Dorie post, but I missed both post dates (procrastination)! On the bright side, I’m still posting this while it’s still summer!

Betty’s Chocoholic Cake

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Betty’s Chocoholic Cake was the second Tuesdays with Dorie assignment for May. This is definitely a cake for chocolate lovers. Betty’s Chocoholic Cake is comprised of three layers of fudgy brownies that are held together with chocolate ganache, and then covered with more chocolate ganache before finally getting topped off with white chocolate shavings.

Tarte Tropézienne

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One of this month’s Tuesdays With Dorie assignments is the Tarte Tropézienne from Baking Chez Moi by Dorie Greenspan. It’s like a brioche cake with a delicious cream filling, and topped with pearl sugar. It sounds odd, but it’s really nom-worthy. This is supposed to be a beautiful cake, but mine turned out looking very “rustic.”

Matcha Financiers

Matcha Financiers

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Matcha Financiers from Baking Chez Moi was the second assignment for March (the first was Odile’s Fresh Orange Cake) for the Tuesdays with Dorie group. Dorie Greenspan’s recipe resulted in light, fluffy mini-muffins with a subtle matcha taste.  I will make these again, but I’ll make a note to myself now to use 2 tsp of matcha for a stronger flavor.

Poached Orange-Topped Cake (Odile's Fresh Orange Cake)

Poached Orange-Topped Cake (Odile’s Fresh Orange Cake)

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One of the recipes for the Tuesdays with Dorie group assigned for March is Odile’s Fresh Orange Cake. I decided to make that cake and also go one step further and try Dorie’s Bonne Idée and make a Poached Orange-Topped Cake.  Odile’s Fresh Orange Cake tastes very un-American to me, because it’s not a very sweet and fluffy cake; it tastes natural and has a nice […]