Brown ButterMadeleines

Vanilla-Brown Butter Madeleines

I baked Vanilla-Brown Butter Madeleines from Dorie’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan for the Tuesdays with Dorie group this week. This is such an easy recipe to make, I ended up making these two days in a row! I had to make these twice because I learned the hard way not to turn out freshly baked Madeleines onto a cooling rack because they’ll get grid marks in them!

This is a photo of the Mads with grid marks. They were delicious, though! The best way to learn is from your mistakes, right?

My second batch was grid-free and equally delicious as the first batch! I love the smell of butter browning. It’s a nutty smell, but a nice buttery nuttiness that you need to smell to fully understand. Adding vanilla to the browned butter added to the wonderful aroma and so much flavor to the mads.

I took a batch of these to work and people were asking if the bumps on the Madeleines meant I over-baked them. They were saying that the ones they buy from the store don’t have those bumps, so I told them those bumps are actually desirable. Vanilla-Brown Butter Madeleines

This recipe is definite keeper. If you have the Dorie’s Cookies cookbook, this is definitely something you need to try. Dorie’s instructions are very easy to follow; she sets her readers up for success!

Vanilla-Brown Butter Madeleines recipe is on page 316 of Dories Cookies by Dorie Greenspan.

4 thoughts on “Vanilla-Brown Butter Madeleines

  1. This is my favorite recipe for Madeleine for sure. This one is a keeper as far as I’m concerned. Your madeleines look great with their bumps!

  2. I got the cooling rack marks on mine too, glad to know I am not alone. How nice that your co-workers got to enjoy your baking. A keeper recipe for sure.

  3. they look fantastic! i don’t think anyone would have called you out on grid marks, but we are own worst critics, i guess. haha. i love the vanilla and browned butter combo…so tasty.

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