Lemon Madeleines

Another first, thanks to Dorie. This time it was making Madeleines.  I had seen these in Parisian stores, but I didn’t think of buying them because I was too busy looking for macarons. These little cakes are pretty good; they were soft, moist, and lemony.P1100825

I enjoy Dorie’s tip of rubbing the lemon zest with sugar. It smells great! …like lemon Pledge!P1100828

Meanwhile, I melted some butter.P1100829

The eggs and lemon-sugar were whisked until they were whisked until they were pale and thick. I then added honey and vanilla.P1100831

 Then I folded in the melted butter.P1100836

And finally I added milk.P1100838

I filled my Madeleine pan and these little cakes came out!P1100917

Lemon Madeleines recipe on page 212 of Baking Chez Moi.

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