Pink Grapefruit Tart

When I saw that the Pink Grapefruit Tart was one of the assignments for Tuesdays With Dorie, I thought I would sit this one out. It seemed like a complicated recipe and I was not a huge fan of grapefruit. I thought it over for half the month and decided that I should give it a try anyway. I’m glad that I changed my mind. This tart turned out to be not only visually stunning, but it tasted great, too!

There were 4 parts to this recipe: 1) the crust; 2) a lemon-almond cream; 3) a grapefruit crémeux, and 4) the grapefruit topping.

I decided to make this recipe over the span of 2 days. On the first day, I made the lemon-almond cream and the grapefruit crémeux.
The lemon-almond cream was definitely the easiest part to make. It just required 5 ingredients, and the only thing that had to be done was combine them together.


That took about 5 minutes.P1100734

The next part was the grapefruit crémeux. I had to read over the instructions a few times to feel comfortable with what was about to happen.P1100737

First, I added water to gelatin and set that aside.P1100740

Second, I combined the zest of 2 grapefruits with sugar.  This smelled very good!P1100739

After zesting the grapefruits, I juiced the fruits and strained the juice.P1100741

I combined the sugar mixture, juice, and eggs in a pan over medium heat and whisked, and whisked, and whisked.P1100745

When the mixture reached a certain temperature, I put it into a food processor and added the gelatin and Campari.P1100747

 I put the mixture into another bowl and refrigerated it to let it set overnight.P1100748

The next part I worked on was the crust. I used Dorie’s recipe for Sweet Tart Dough.P1100763


When the crust was done, I spread a layer of the lemon-almond cream on top of it.P1100785

After that, it was back into the oven.P1100788

After the melted lemon-almond cream was cooled, I whisked the crémeux until it was extremely smooth. Note to self: use the stand mixer to do this next time; my arms are still sore from transforming this from a stiff gelatinous mixture to a creamy…crémeux.P1100793



I received help with the toppings. I only cut part of 1 grapefruit and enlisted the help of others to finish up.P1100792I had to enlist the help of another with a better eye for design than me to take care of laying out the grapefruit. I think he did a great job!

Overall, I think this was a time-consuming tart, but well-worth all of the work. I think I will make this again for [very] special occasions.P1100815

Pink Grapefruit Tart recipe on page 138 and Sweet Tart Dough on page 414 of Baking Chez Moi.

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